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"melodic awesomeness that keeps you hooked in for another listen" Amnplify

"love this dreamy tune. Listen to it while watching the video and you’ll love it more" Old Man Indie

“there is something so REAL and genuine about Junior Bones” New Artist Spotlight

“you’re sure to fall in love with Junior Bones’ dreamy genre-blending sound” FLEX

“a brilliantly warm and enticing listen from start to finish” Turtle Tempo

“a wonderfully alluring offering filled with warm and sweeping textures, a humbled atmosphere, and some brilliantly compelling vocals throughout” Mystic Sons

“their newest offering presents them in a more assured light, brimming with strength and confidence throughout” Music Crowns

“one of the brightest new names rising so far this year” Curious For Music

“Junior Bones deliver an uplifting and memorable sound with new song ‘Dust’” Fame Magazine   

“from start to finish, ‘Dust’ is a warm embrace, a joyous return” Clash Magazine  

Late Night Luxury Press Kit

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