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Ryan Temby - vocals, guitars

Paul Inglis - guitars, keys, vocals

Gavin Kerr - drums, samples

Tom Bullock - bass

Melbourne based indie-rock band Junior Bones create beautiful, melodic and emotive songs layered with dreamy atmospherics

Drawing influence from psych-rock, indie-pop, post-punk, and new wave - with comparisons from Temple of the Dog and Gang of Youths through to Tears for Fears and Radiohead, songwriter Ryan Temby draws you in with imagery and storytelling exploring themes of reflection, experience, morality and existentialism.

The origins of the band kicked off when Temby, unemployed and burnt out from corporate life, had his own eat, pray, love epiphany whilst on a road trip through the Utah desert – deciding to rescue his guitar out of storage and reconnect with his musical roots.

Temby landed at the door of long-time friend and collaborator Paul Inglis (guitars/keys) after getting back on home soil – their musical styles instantly complementary and locking back into when they played together in Melbourne alt rock band Prettymess.  Songs were written, demo’s were recorded and Junior Bones was born once they caught the attention of Gavin Kerr (drums), Tom Bullock (bass) and joined the Small Sanctuary Records family along with Alcotomic and Five Mile Sniper.

The band was named after Temby’s rescue dog, after he flippantly remarked ‘all the good band names have been taken even the dog has one’.



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